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Mediation in New York City and Palm Springs, CA

Emotions can often run high in legal matters that are personal in nature, such as a divorce or business dispute. While unsettled matters can sometimes escalate to a courtroom setting, it does not always have to end that way. You may be able to resolve your dispute with help from a skilled legal mediator in New York City and Palm Springs, CA. Lutringer Mediation Associates is here to be your voice of reason in a tense or emotional situation.

Founder Richard Lutringer has the knowledge and compassion necessary to work with you successfully. After practicing business law for over 35 years, Richard Lutringer now helps clients settle their disputes more efficiently, less expensively, and in a more satisfying way. He knows that a courtroom can be an intimidating place, whether you are a plaintiff or defendant. An informal mediation, he meets with you in a more comfortable setting over Zoom.

Mr. Lutringer wants you to feel at ease while he helps you and the other party work through your differences. He has experience in commerical as well as family business mediation, estate dispute, and other areas. Reach out to Richard Lutringer to schedule mediation services in online, in California or New York City.

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About Lutringer Consulting

Lutringer Mediation Associates (LMA) of Palm Springs, CA, and New York City provides probate, business, HOA, real estate and divorce mediation  (CA only). Richard Lutringer brings to the table his extensive mediation experience, advanced training in dispute resolution and a business law background.

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Below, you’ll find articles we have had published about mediation and its benefits over litigation. Please contact me with any additional questions.

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