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Business Partnership Dispute Resolution in Palm Springs, CA

Going through the stress, publicity, and uncertainty of a courtroom is rarely the right way to handle problems in a business partnership. Streamline the process of reaching an amicable agreement with professional dispute resolution in Palm Springs, CA. At Lutringer Mediation Associates, we offer an informal setting where non-threatening discussions can achieve a fair deal that’s comfortable and confidential for all parties involved.

Using Mediation for Business Owners

When there’s a breakdown in your business, it’s all too easy for the resulting disputes about responsibility to get out of hand. Whether you’re involved in a corporation, LLC, or partnership, the smallest misunderstanding can have devastating impacts on your profits -- and on your ability to address the problem at the root of the trouble. That’s where a good mediator can make the difference between a successful resolution and a messy courtroom battle.

In many cases, the disputes we deal with come down to relatively simple issues that have far-reaching consequences. Discussing the cause of the disagreement in a neutral environment can help both sides establish their concerns and work toward addressing them. These can include:

  •   Failure of Communication
  •   A Loss of Trust and Respect among Partners
  •   Perceived Issues between Contributions and Rewards or Roles and Responsibilities
  •    Differing Ideas about Expansion of the Business

We give you the right environment to get to the heart of the problem at hand. Once both sides understand the challenges they face, a legal mediator from our team offers insight and impartial guidance to help you find a solution that fits with your priorities. Whether that means staying together or parting ways for the good of the business, we’re here to assist you in finding the best path forward.

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Going through a Business Divorce

Just like marital divorces, splitting ways from a business partnership can surface negative emotion and severe financial consequences. This can result in expensive and aggressive litigation to deal with deadlocked negotiations, forced share purchases, or other legally recognized causes of action. Without a prior provision in your company’s bylaws or operating agreement, there’s no easy way to reach an agreement.

Our extensive mediation experience allows us to effectively navigate these situations, avoiding lengthy hold-ups that cost companies both customers and revenue. With our help, you put your differences behind you without months or years of litigation and a potential lifetime of regret. From professional practices to real estate partnerships, count on us to help you find the right resolution.

Contact us today for professional mediation solutions. We proudly serve Palm Springs, CA, and the surrounding areas.

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