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Resolve Your Probate Disputes in Palm Springs, CA

It’s no secret that the probate process can create discord even in the most loving families—and heighten prior tensions between less-than-ideal relationships. Families shouldn’t be driven apart by legalities. We at Lutringer Mediation Associates are committed to resolving probate disputes in Palm Springs, CA, as quickly and amicably as possible to reduce your stress and ill feelings between you and your loved ones.

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Our straightforward, unbiased intervention focuses on the indisputable facts, the concerns of the involved parties, and the points everyone can agree on. Count on our skillful mediators to help your family reach a probate resolution that respects the memory of your departed loved one and preserves your living relationships. Contact our firm today to learn more about our probate mediation services and get started with a consultation.

Why We Recommend Mediation for Probate

While you’re grieving, the last thing you need is fighting amongst your family and outsiders learning about your private business. Our probate mediation services encourage cooperation while keeping your family’s affairs out of the public eye.

We will act as a neutral third party to identify shared interests, work through misunderstandings, and reach compromises that everyone can agree on. It is an effective way to resolve your probate problems without anyone feeling snubbed or suspicious of under-handed behavior. Talk to our legal team for further details about how our mediation services work and our other practice areas.

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