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Conflict comes in many forms. When you're confronted with a situation that steps into the legal realm, it's important to seek out an experienced mediator who has your best interests in mind. Contact Lutringer Mediation Associates for thorough mediation services in Palm Springs, CA. By consulting with a mediator, you are more likely to obtain an outcome that is favorable to you, while not infringing on the rights of the other party.  

We have many services that you can call upon us to make use of. For example, family mediation is an effective way to smooth the waters with a relative without resorting to angry and expensive court proceedings.

When you reach out to us for support, we provide the professional assistance you need for your concern. Likewise, we provide you with the right environment to make sound, smart decisions in order to avoid traditional litigation, which is often complicated and expensive. This is a particularly great method of resolving a business matter, as it can help repair or dismantle a professional partnership without causing long-term damage to the business itself.

Another scenario that often raises its head regarding conflict is a dispute within a Homeowners’ Association. There can be disagreements between you as a homeowner and the board, or between you and another homeowner. In each case, call upon our team, and we’ll apply our skills to mediate a solution that both parties are happy to sign.

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