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HOA Disputes

Turn to the Professionals when Faced with HOA Rule Violations

When you purchase a home with a homeowners association as part of the community, you can feel reasonably confident that the esthetic standards of your neighborhood will remain high. Living in a community with an HOA often means that your property value will remain consistent because of the requirements set in place by the committee. However, if you find yourself in breach of the rules, you can face legal action. Lutringer Mediation Associates offers advice and assistance to homeowners that wish to challenge their HOA or address alleged HOA rule violations.

Typical Areas of Concern

Common HOA rules and regulations often cover the following matters:

Landscaping Upkeep

Type & Number of Vehicles

Rentals & Subletting


Exterior Storage



Holiday Decorations

Design Changes

Act Quickly

To avoid fines and potential punitive action by your HOA, speak to a legal mediator to determine what, if any, rules were broken. If you are already dealing with a fine, call our office right away to discuss your situation and begin disputing the charge. 

Our team of professionals is experienced in addressing HOA rule violations and protecting your rights. Conflicts with your HOA can become challenging, so contact one of our legal mediators and allow us to represent your position as a homeowner.

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