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Divorce Mediation in Palm Springs, CA

Obtain a divorce faster and at a fraction of the cost of traditional litigation. Divorce is a fact of life today, even among aging baby boomers and seniors. And it hurts, regardless of age or sexual orientation. It's a traumatic turn of events that involves the unfortunate reality of an unsustainable relationship.

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A Better Way

Even without minor children, breaking up is never easy and can be expensive if approached through traditional litigation. Assuming parties want to separate amicably, the results achieved through divorce mediation in Palm Springs, CA, are generally more satisfactory for both parties and the children than conclusions reached through a contentious litigation process.

Lawyers are helpful, but they don't always need to be in the room. Many parties are able to express their needs and desires in a mediation setting without the need for their lawyer, relying on advice prior to making final comittments.. Mediated divorces are usually accomplished in 25% of the time of typical courtroom divorces, and at a fraction of the cost.

Unlike litigation, the mediation process is confidential. This is important for many couples who would prefer that the details of their daily lives and finances not be open to the public. The first consultation to describe the mediation process is free, whether or not you decide to use our mediation services in Palm Springs, CA, to mediate your divorce.

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