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Versatile Family Mediation Services in Palm Springs, CA

Whether it’s a dispute over an estate or the care of an older loved one, disagreements over family matters often turn bitter quickly without intervention. This isn’t without good reason--there’s a lot at stake, and compromise seems unacceptable in many cases. At Lutringer Mediation Associates, we want to change that. Our family mediation services in Palm Springs, CA, help to find solutions that are fair, equitable, and effective at meeting as many needs as possible.

                     Why Our Process Works

When disputes are handled exclusively in court proceedings, privacy and confidentiality go out the window. Our resolution option, on the other hand, avoids vitriol and encourages cooperation while keeping your family’s business out of the public eye. We help to identify and work through misunderstandings through neutral, third-party insight.

 The informal mediation setting allows you to see through communication issues and remember that you’re still part of a family. In many arbitrations, after the emotional baggage has been unpacked and the underlying interests of each party have been made visible, family members discover that there are reasonable ways to resolve the problem without anyone feeling snubbed or left out.

Estate Documents

Probate & Estate Disputes

Even in the closest families, probate and estate disputes can raise emotional tension and drive a wedge between people who love one another. Compounded by grief, the perception of unfairness or underhandedness can overwhelm reason and compassion when both are needed most. We help you resolve family estate issues through simple, focused, and unbiased intervention.

 Our service focuses on the facts, the needs of involved parties, and points of agreement to help each side of the conflict see beyond the simple division of property. With help from experienced mediators, you craft a resolution that allows you to preserve and repair relationships whole respecting the memory of your lost loved one. Don’t make life-altering decisions without a professional by your side to help you uncover the best course of action for your family through effective mediation.

Elder Care Issues

As older members of the family face new physical, legal, financial, and emotional challenges, their loved ones often have to make difficult decisions about their care and futures. From financial questions, such as who will manage the elder’s money and how to apportion it between caregivers, to personal matters like whether an assisted living facility is the right choice for their health, families often struggle to come to a consensus.

 When disputes about an elder’s care arise, it’s important to seek help from a level-headed legal mediator. Doing so allows you to address points of contention without being forced to make hasty, unplanned decisions without the support of the whole family. Keep your elder loved one’s best interests at the center of your plans by working alongside us to find an effective resolution.

 Contact us  today to learn more about our mediation process. We proudly serve Palm Springs, CA, and the surrounding areas.

• Is your parent capable of taking care of himself/herself?
• If not, should they receive assistance from a caregiver?
• Should they move in with one of their children?
• Would they be better off in an assisted living facility?
• Which area is the most convenient for any siblings?
• Who will be financially responsible for their living expenses?
• Should a geriatric social worker or an elder attorney be utilized?

Financial Issues

Let us help with delicate financial issues. If one sibling is taking on more financial or care responsibilities, should they be compensated by a larger share of assets in the estate? How should care responsibilities be divided among the siblings and what is considered fair? When stepparents or step-siblings are involved, we'll help you determine how much say they'll have in the process.

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